Multi-turn Electric valve actuator(AVA&AVAM)

Date: 12 Dec 2009
Multi-turn Actuator AVA01 ~ AVA10 can actuate control valves, such as Globe valves, Gate valves, sluice valves, penstock,pinch valve,dampers/shut valve,etc. AVA01 ~ AVA10 combined with BA bevel gearbox with Max toruqe of 850,000Nm. AVA01 ~ AVA10 combined with ZJ worm gearbox for large torque ball valves, butterfly valves and dampers,can reach Max toruqe of 110,000Nm Multi-turn Actuator AVA01 ~ AVA10 torque range is from 45Nm to 2500Nm (35ft-lbf to 1843ft-lbf). For higher torque, they shall combined with BA bevel gearbox or ZJ worm gearbox. Voltage Supply: 110Vac ~ 660Vac, 50Hz/60Hz, single or three phase. Enclosure Protection: IP68, Double-seated structure. Isolation : Class F, Class H (optional) Output Speed: 18/21rpm ~ 96/115rpm, Optional Function: Modulating I/O signal 4 - 20mA (AVAM01 ~ AVAM06) Explosion Proof,water tight(IP68) Fieldbus System: Modbus, Profibus, etc.
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