GT Series Actuator

Date: 27 Nov 2009

GT Series pneumatic valve device is a newly developed corner of the output shaft for the 90 ° back to the pneumatic part of the implementation of devices back to the transition. It can be with ball valves, butterfly valves and other pneumatic valve into, but also to take 90 ° rotary movement of the other mechanical devices. With use of the product through the solenoid valve can be opened, such as the annex, the location of the two actions related to control, and continuous motion control (automatic adjustment of control) of different requirements. Users can choose according to actual needs.

First, the main characteristics of
1, the same specifications of the dual-action, single-action (spring reset).
2, the standard angle of rotation axis adjustable range -5 ~ +5 ℃.
3, all the sliding bearing bushing plastic components, oriented to maintain a minimum of friction and wear resistance effectively.
4, the anode surface of shell plating, anti-corrosion protection; rotation axis rigid plating nickel-phosphorus alloy; screws, stainless steel nut.
5, single-action spring seat with pre-installed in the spring, it is easy to assemble or add to the number of spring.
6, connected to the installation of modular design standardized interface to facilitate the loading ball valve, butterfly valve, signal boxes and control of the annex.
7, may choose to rotate clockwise or counterclockwise direction of rotation; adjustable at both ends of adjusting screws to adjust angle of less than calibration.
8, a special stainless steel casing can be corrosive environment (please contact us)

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