Electric Actuator(ALX Series)

Product Overview:
  ALX series of electric valve actuators, its innovative design, advanced technology and exquisite, high quality import parts and components, the quality of science and rigorous testing, both at home and abroad a unique valve automation industry. And ALX series of electronic valve electric actuator, the valve of the accuracy of electrical equipment, digital, intelligent to a new stage, as a fluid coming automation and control industry. ALX series products are mainly open relationship, feedback, adjustable (electronic) three categories, nearly a hundred models, it can with a wide range of ball valves, butterfly valves and so on back to match the transition can be selected AC110V,
200V, 380V. DC24V power supply; input signals 4-20mA ,0-10V. DC or 1-5V. DC;
Output torque 50N. M-2000N. MA, opening and closing time from 5-100 seconds; At the same time, small size. Light weight (equivalent to similar products in 1 / 3), seven refined aesthetic appearance, compact structure, easy installation, intelligent control, digital setting, a number of significant valve position without the maintenance and use of safe and convenient, and many other advantages.
First, to provide the same torque actuator, ALX series is by far the most compact structure of a new type of product, attractive compact form, the size of the weight of similar products is only about 1 / 3 compared with the traditional implementation of institutions with many benefits : such as a significant reduction in space requirements, light weight, easy to install and no maintenance.
Second, in addition to the ALX Series electric actuators institutions employs advanced digital technology, highly integrated modular design of electromechanical integration, direct a computer or instrument to receive the output of 4-20mADC or 1-5VDC standard signal, to achieve intelligent electric valve control and accurate positioning.
1, as a result of the work of the valve characteristics, the requirements in the valve actuator to open \ closed and intermediate anywhere have the ability to start at full capacity, which requires the electric actuator has a large starting torque. At the same time as a result of flow (opening) regulation require the motor must also have a smaller moment of inertia. ALX series electric motor actuator bodies for these requirements, the use of a special design.
2, heat treatment alloy steel materials used by the CNC precision machining of the gear transmission, with high intensity \ wear good \ can be affected by long-term impact of fatigue load.
3, each factory are randomly attached to a handle, when the need for manual operation, the handle can be inserted directly into the mouth-driven manual valves, remove the handle when not in use can be kept separate.
4, as a result of the work of the valve characteristics, require long-term actuator output shaft torque in the frequently positive conditions of work, between the output shaft with the worm gear of traditional keys, it is very difficult pin connections and reliable working condition to meet the requirements of . ALXA Series electric actuator output shaft and the worm using the integration of structure, and thus solve the problem.
5, each covered by stainless steel screw fixation in the box on. When the discharge cap, the screw is not connected to the stamp fell off, to prevent loss.
6, stainless steel bolt mechanical travel restrictions and can block action on the mechanical actuators mechanically limit travel. In order to facilitate the adjustment, the bolts at the outside, stainless steel nut after each adjustment to ensure that the positioning. Terminating the trip is set at the factory for the 0-90 point of view, but it may also be set to any angle.
7, the design of simple to understand clearly show that the valve opening angle.
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