electric actuator(3810L-3810R Electronic)

Date: 27 Nov 2009

3810L-3810R Electronic Actuator Electric Valve Co., Ltd., Beijing aerken, one of the main products, our e-3810L-3810R marketing electric actuators all over the world, widely used in the chemical, oil, water supply and drainage and other fields.

Product Overview
3810L (3610L)-type series of straight trip fully electronic electric actuator, AC220 is a single-phase AC power supply as power supply, direct from the DCS, PLC operating system or adjust the instrument's DC4 ~ 20mA, DC0 ~ 10mA or DC1 ~ 5V control signal to the operation of the entire e-enforcement agency. Electronic control unit using the most advanced hybrid integrated circuit, is designed to shape box, including complete protection , control or remote control at the scene and sealed with resin casting. Reversible drive motor using AC motor, the feedback quantity detected by high-performance conductive plastic potentiometer, is a 1 / 250 the ability to distinguish types of high-reliability products. Bodies for the implementation of the regulation itself with the demand function of the various movements, as well as transform the signal function of aperture and manual functions.

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